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Our Company

Our verification platform enables seamless, real-time ID verifications backed by the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bank Verification Number (BVN), and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Driver’s Licenses.

Our services enable you to make informed hiring decisions, promote transparency and make workers and customers accountable.

At the click of a button, our bio-metric enabled verifications will provide you with the trust you need to grow your personal or business relationships.

Our Story

When my family moved back to Nigeria, we hired a cook. My wife, who is very meticulous, conducted background checks – which all came back fine. But within two weeks, the cook poisoned my family and while we were unconscious, he robbed us and disappeared. We had to be airlifted out of the country and it nearly cost my 8 year-old son his life.

Upon our return, the same cook was seen working in another residence in my estate. I went to his new place of employment with the police but the house help who opened the gate said there was no ‘Francis’ in the house. Apparently, he had changed his name to ‘Joseph.’ When I explained to the residents why I had brought law enforcement, I found out ‘Joseph’ had attempted to poison them with the assistance of the house help.

And as I sat in their living room, I watched the house help, an accessory to attempted murder, walk out of their home and into another home, leaving no trace of her crimes. It was then that I realised that there is a deep and urgent need for accessible ID verification and employment reporting services in our country, because you don’t know who you are bringing into your home, into your workplace or caring for your children. This gave birth to VerifyMe Nigeria.

Olutunji Oluwole, Chief Responsibility Officer & Founder of VerifyMe Nigeria

VerifyMe was born out of the need to ensure and incorporate transparency and excellent work history reporting within the workforce using technology as a driving force. Our aim is to redefine the workforce changing the status quo.

Our core values

  • Promote social and financial inclusion by driving Nigerian ID registrations.
  • Enable on-demand services by digitising and standardising the reporting of Know Your Customer data.
  • Reduce human capital risk by making human resource verification cheaper, faster and more secure.
  • Support the credit and lending industry by providing strong data points for lending decisions.

Our Mission

To digitize Africa’s identity data for secure online delivery.


Our Vision

To enable growth through trust.

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