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The foundation of sustainable growth is trust.

With our services, you can be confident hiring new staff or processing business transactions with new clients. VerifyMe’s OneIdentity report will mitigate your human capital, operational and compliance risks.
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Identity Verification

VerifyMe provides trusted identities using the National Identity Number (NIN), Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Driver’s License in real-time

Address Verification

Verifying the address of your staff or client is a proven deterrent and will reduce the likelihood of fraud and other crimes. All of our address verifications are capable of meeting CBN tier 3 compliance standards

Guarantor Verification

Trusted staff and trusted clients are necessary to grow your business. Our guarantor verification solution provides an in-depth background investigation by documenting relationships. Pre-empt and deter fraud by knowing everyone they know.

Employment Verification

56% of job seekers lie on their CV. Verifying a prospective employee’s work history will ensure accurate information for making hiring decisions. VerifyMe leverages business intelligence and on-the-ground logistics to compile, verify, and report securely on your employee’s work history
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