Protect your family by verifying prospective staff before you hire.

GET STARTEDSafeguard your homes by opening your doors to only verified staff. Our retail solution empowers households to know before you hire. With VerifyMe, individuals and households can receive our comprehensive OneIdentity report on prospective staff and tenants. We will ensure that their Identity, Address, Employment history and Guarantor information are accurate.

Are you renting out a property? Check your future tenants.

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Identity Verification

Proactively protect your home by only employing verified identities. Identity Verification is a crucial first step before hiring household staff. With VerifyMe’s Managed Verification Portal (MVP), you can verify the identity of your prospective staff using their NIN, BVN or Drivers license.

Address Verification

Knowing where your staff lives will deter workplace misbehavior. VerifyMe provides address verifications capturing GPS location, neighbor testimonial and photographs of the street and house.

Guarantor Verification

Do you have a responsible third-party vouching for your new hire? We can securely verify guarantor relationships for your new staff. We verify guarantor IDs to ensure they are real people.

Employment Verification

Has your nanny cared for children before? Does your driver know how to drive? Don’t guess! Verify prior employment now!