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Nigeria’s Number 1’s Work History Verification and Reporting Services

Our Services

VerifyMe Nigeria is an employment solution for work history reporting and worker identification services that provides insights to employers of labour for informed decisions. Our innovative solution captures, compiles, and maintains worker biometric identification data and work history so employers are sure of the identity of who they employ into their organizations and homes, and have access to the comprehensive work history of their employees on demand.

Our Verify Workers solution is an identification and employment data reporting platform that will curb workplace crime, provide additional security in our homes, and enable business to employ the right resources. Our Services include;

How It Works

Work history reporting and verification

Our Verify Workers Solution leverages innovative technology to enable on-demand services that captures, compiles, maintains and reports relevant worker information to employers.

Our solution enables organizations to mitigate workplace losses by providing key employee work history information to hiring decision makers on demand.

Our product provides Human Resources with a secure web interface to maintain and report work history information on current employees. Try it today, our How To video will demonstrate how to use our services.

Identity Verification

With a population of 1.2billion people in Africa, worker identification and KYC (Know Your Customer) services have become an essential part of business operations and services.

Our Verify Workers solution leverages our unique business process for identity verification. We leverage key government data points and biometric databases to provide on-demand identity verification services for employers.

Our online mobile and web interface can capture and verify individual identity providing a seamless convenient method to securely enrol employees. Try it today, our How To video will show you how to get started.

Identity Verification

Address Verification

Verify Workers has developed a multi-faceted approach to address verification. We comply with Nigerian standard address guidelines for address, visit, photo, and google maps pin and combine this with our innovative technologies that leverage 4D metrics for customer location assessments and dynamic queueing for distribution and time to value for our customers.

Our address verification meets and exceeds all secure standards while cutting down time and cost for our customers. Find out more today.

Guarantor Verification

VerifyMe Nigeria offers secure and reliable verification of guarantors. We leverage business intelligence data to identify and block serial guarantors.

Our guarantor verification processes maintain guarantor data for each worker requested.

Guarantor Verification

Certificate verification

VerifyMe works with various Educational institutions to cover the entirety that all credentials are genuine. We provide a seamless interface to request and view employee credentials.

No paper needed. Customers can now log into their VMN account and click on one or multiple employees to request verification of credentials.

All the employer will have to do is take a photo of their certificate which will be uploaded to our system. An employer can now request credential verification for each worker from your employer account. No added stress.

Police Arrest Records Query

VerifyMe works with Law enforcement to ensure interaction with police records to maintain proper reporting of police arrest incidents and outstanding warrants on individuals for hiring managers.

We provide police checks against the RRS police repository. Any biometrics, NIN (National Identification Number), or BVN flagged by police will be reported to the employer as part of our work history reports.

Police Arrest Records Query



The VerifyMe KYC solution and innovative workflow is designed for Business to Business which offers best-in-breed solutions, with digital address verification data that meets industry governance standards, and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) compliance guidelines.

We deliver quality KYC services through a well-organized, automated process of address, guarantor verification and I.D Card Verification (FRSC, NIMC, NIS).

Our solutions have disrupted the manual process and exorbitant pricing in the industry as we leverage next generation technology.

How It Works