The Advent of a pacifying solution

Businesses are often confronted with the challenge of not having authentic worker information. Both the private and governmental sector are faced with the menace of ghost workers and salary shortfalls are constantly a recurring incident. Household are still victims with issues of kidnappings, theft/robbery with many of such cases left unchecked.

It is therefore highly expedient for employers to make informed decisions before hiring, and to achieve this, certain structures need to be put in place.

For workers, it is a needful exercise to get verified with a simple Verified Worker Number (VWN) as a means of access to their information on a user-friendly portal. Workers are able to present their information to potential employers without hassle. This worker information is securely captured and stored in a database using highly-efficient data capture devices.

At the most, this is a vantage situation for both employers and employee for an effective and redefined workforce. It is necessary to stress the need for employers’ feedback on employees after disengagement. This enables future employers make informed decisions based on records of such workers.

There’s equally an absolute need to emphasize on strategic solutions aimed at curbing crime within the workforce. There are certain structures which of course, if utilized efficiently, would result in a massive turnaround in the nature and manner at which workers’ data are managed and work history reporting.
This is where VerifyMe Nigeria comes in with its congruent solutions.

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