We are transforming Africa through trust.

VerifyMe is a digital identity verification and KYC technology company. We are powering open finance across Africa and closing the credibility gap in the continent.
What drives us
Our Vision
To enable growth through trust
Our Mission
To digitise Africa’s identity for secure online delivery
Our Story
our story

It all began in September 2011, when Olutunji Oluwole employed “Francis” as his cook. “Francis” played the role of a dutiful cook and quietly blended in. But six months later, after a nice dinner, Olutunji and his family suddenly passed out and remained unconscious for 18 hours. When they finally regained consciousness, they found out that “Francis” had poisoned them and robbed them blind.

Several weeks later, Olutunji discovered that “Francis” had been employed by another family in the same estate, this time as ‘Joshua’, with a completely different identity and a fictitious employment history to match. True to his criminal nature, ‘Joshua’ had also begun to poison his new employers and had even secured assistance from another domestic worker.

To prevent this from happening to anyone else, Olutunji founded VerifyMe.

Our milestones

Funded as a Biometric enrolment and data capture provider

Expanded to retail services covering over 100,000 real estate tenants

Built Nigeria’s first integrated verification platform

Obtained a licence to operate as an identity verification provider

Developed technology infrastructure layer for ID and address verifications

Secured Series A financing from Consonance Investment Managers. Launched identity verification API for high throughput customers

Signed up 30% of commercial banks for ID and address verification. Approved by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) as a National Identification Number (NIN) enrolment partner. Awarded ‘Technology Solutions Company of the Year’ by Business Day

Our Team
Olutunji Oluwole
Olutunji Oluwole
Founder/ Executive Chairman
Esigie Aguele
Esigie Aguele
Co-Founder/ CEO
Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang
Chief Information Officer
Femson Adeyeye
Femson Adeyeye
Chief Technology Officer


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