Reliable end to end authentication solutions

Our integrated verification services enable growth by accelerating financial, social and digital inclusion. We're building an enabling ecosystem for growth and development across Africa.
Our Solutions
ID Verification
The service eliminates the uncertainty in confirming the true identity of a company or individual. It helps you mitigate risks by providing access to authoritative identification sources.
Address Verification
We streamline your compliance process and customer experience for user onboarding by utilising a unique combination of physical verification, 4D GIS technologies, and online platforms.
Employee & Staff Verification
Avoid employment fraud and protect your company from bad hires. Our service gathers all of a person's past employment history into a single, standardised and organised report (OneIdentity Report).
Enrolment Services
When federal, state, and local governments want a reliable partner to capture, deploy and maintain identities, they turn to us. Our Enrollment services provide citizens and residents with IDs to access social services and opportunities.
Guarantor Verification
Our interactive guarantor verification system provides a secure two-step process which documents the guarantor and candidate relationship as well as validates the legitimacy of the identity of a guarantor.
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