Know-Your-Employee solutions for every business

Our employee & staff verification service is a complementary suite that empowers individuals and organisations with a comprehensive view of prospective and existing personnel.
What our solutions can do for you
Guarantor Verification
Determine the authenticity of a candidate’s references by validating guarantor’s identity and relationship.
Employment History Verification
Confirm an applicant's complete work history and better estimate the risk of hiring them.
Certificate Verification
Ensure an applicant’s education, transcript, degree and certificates are authentic.
Use Cases
Don’t believe blindly. Check and verify your employees and new hires with our Know-Your-Employee (KYE) suite of services
Employee Verification
Quickly confirm the address of prospective employees in compliance with CBN Tier III and Anti-Money Laundering policies.
Employee Due Diligence
Be confident that every prospective and existing employee is trustworthy and qualified with our comprehensive digital background checks.
Trustworthy Data
Accurate and credible data from national databases and other authoritative sources
Full Compliance
End-to-end alignment with KYE requirements
Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and reduced costs

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