Sports betting
Win the market without losing credibility

With the high level of competition in the sports betting industry, winning the market can be a tough battle. And doing so without compromising credibility can be even more so. We give you the support you need to win confidently and credibly by providing you with tailored solutions that enable you:

  • Onboard customers rapidly and remotely
  • Verify identities in real time
  • Secure your platform with biometric checks
  • Reduce anonymous accounts
  • Stop fraud in it's tracks
Use Cases
  • Customer onboarding
  • Compliance
  • ID validation
  • Accelerated onboarding – Onboarding that’s done remotely and more rapidly
  • Stronger identity verification – Thorough verification of users’ identities
  • Platform security – Added biometric checks that give an extra layer of protection
  • Improved user transparency – Greater openness that enables accountability
  • Minimized fraud – Lower risk exposure for your business

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