Confirm the identity of anyone in real-time

Our service allows you to quickly identify, confirm, verify, and aggregate identities using technology that compares ID documents and biometrics with information from national databases. It includes a set of services that help you speed up your onboarding process while also ensuring Know-Your-Customer and Know-Your-Employee compliance.
What our solutions can do for you
Facial Liveness
This enables biometric verification using face-matching technology, ensuring that the person executing the transaction is the actual owner of the identity.
ID Authentication
Prevent fraudulent IDs by verifying biometric features match between ID cards and government records.
Digital ID Service
We provide identity management solutions that allow individuals control access to their data and personal information.
Use Cases
Contactless Account Opening
Contactless Account Opening
Easily open bank accounts for new customers no matter where they are.
Tier 1, 2 and 3 KYC
In line with CBN regulations, we provide three levels of due diligence for verifications of customers and job candidates
e-Commerce Security
Confirm the authenticity of online transactions and prevent fraud with our top-of-the line ID verification services
Real-time delivery
Instant results when you need it
Trustworthy Data
Accurate and credible data from national databases and other authoritative sources
Seamless Integration
Hassle-free incorporation of our API into existing workflows
Advanced Technology
Automation, artificial intelligence, and our 4D GIS geolocating tool
Full Compliance
End-to-end alignment with regulatory requirements
Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and reduced costs

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