Access more opportunities

Your National Identity Number (NIN) unlocks opportunities for you as a citizen or legal resident. VerifyMe is a NIN-enrolment partner of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). We offer NIN enrolment services that are secure, reliable and convenient with a large agent network spanning over 25,000 trained personnel.

COVID - 19 Protocols
All our enrolment centres adhere to WHO’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. We encourage all NIN applicants to take the following steps to keep safe:
Wear a face mask and ensure it covers your mouth and nose properly
Wash your hands with water and handwash provided before entering our centres
Maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from people around you.
How it works
Download and fill a pre-enrolment form
Go to any of our enrolment centres to collect your enrolment slip. Ensure you go with your pre-enrolment form and a valid means of identification.
Present your pre-enrolment slip to get your biometric data (live photo and fingerprints) captured
Receive your NIN slip!

The need for Speed

We have an accelerated enrolment service that caters to senior citizens, pregnant women and physically challenged. This is available on-demand to other applicants at an affordable rate.