A new and different way to verify addresses

Our address verification service combines the ingenuity of technology with the power of human implementation to deliver accurate and compliant verification of geographical information.
Take complete control with our Verifind service:

Gather unlimited real-time addressing information when any of your customers are using your app

Collect 4D GIS data to verify if a customer’s habits indicate where his home address is.

Collect accurate addresses with GPS coordinates and photos to make addresses super easy to find.

Verify an address using phone data and environmental information and get a risk score on probability of a customer being at a specified location.

Configure our 4D verification model from your portal.

Plug into our API to easily navigate to a customer’s address.

Fix vague addresses with our algorithm and get real-time Tier III addresses from our marketplace.

Use Cases
Contactless Account Opening
Contactless Account Opening
Easily open bank accounts for new customers no matter where they are.
Employee Verification
Quickly confirm the address of prospective employees in compliance with CBN Tier III and Anti-Money Laundering policies.
Business Verification
Verify that your potential business partners and vendors are legitimate and that they have a physical office address.
Here’s why you should choose our service
Full Spectrum Verification
A blend of digital and physical verification methods that cover all the bases
Geolocating Precision
Accuracy and completeness of addressing powered by our 4D GIS geolocating tool
Seamless Integration
Hassle-free incorporation of our API into existing workflows
Real-time Delivery
Instant results that save time
Trustworthy Data
Accurate and credible data from national databases and other authoritative sources
Advanced Technology
Automation, artificial intelligence, and our 4D GIS geolocating tool
Full compliance
End-to-end alignment with regulatory requirements (including CBN Tier-III)
Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and reduced costs

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