All the financial information you need to make objective decisions

Our financial verification service provides all the financial information you need to verify accounts, evaluate credit scores, build credit reports and make objective qualifications.
What our solutions can do for you
Income Verification
Get objective and transparent income status reports.
Account Verification
Verify NUBAN account details in real time with our API.
Credit Verification
Get a credible view of an individual or business’ credit history.
Asset Verification
Verify ownership of properties & vehicles and authenticate the legitimacy of claims.
Use Cases
Contactless Account Creation
Contactless Account Creation
Open bank accounts easily for both banked and the un-banked customers no matter where they are.
Tier 1, 2 and 3 KYC
Quickly confirm the address of prospective employees in compliance with CBN Tier III and Anti-Money Laundering policies.
Trustworthy Data
Accurate and credible data from national databases and other authoritative sources
Full compliance
End-to-end alignment with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies
Seamless integration
Hassle-free incorporation of our API into existing workflows
Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and reduced costs

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