Detect fraudulent and criminal identities easily

Our real-time fraud verification service prevents unsafe and potentially harmful interactions by delivering data-driven, real-time alerts on fraudulent identities.
Real-time delivery
Instant results that save time
Trustworthy Data
Accurate and credible data from national databases and other authoritative sources
Full compliance
End-to-end alignment with regulatory requirements
Seamless Integration
Hassle-free incorporation of our API into existing workflows
Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and reduced costs
Use Cases
Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
This service provides data to help detect common techniques used by criminals. It includes software that analyzes behaviour using large pools of data in to detect unusual activities.
Politically Exposed People (PEP) list
This aims to provide timely and relevant information on individuals who have disclosed information about themselves either during legal proceedings or their time in public service.

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