A safe home is a verified home

Protect your family by verifying the identity and competence of domestic workers with our background checks service.
Why You Should Use VerifyMe
Keep your staff in check
Nothing like peace of mind, knowing you can keep your help accountable with real guarantors
Get qualified staff
Be confident that your help is competent, with verified and traceable work history.
Disqualify bad hires quickly
Cut down the time spent getting the right hands for your home by eliminating poor fits.
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Employment History₦1,200
How It Works
Click sign up and open an account
Pick a verification bundle
Get your potential domestic staff's ID status and work history
Decide whether they are a good fit or not
Our Capabilities
Huge database of domestic staff
we pride ourselves in having the nation's largest database of deomstic workers, to deliver the most accurate work history data.
Connected to major ID databases
our platform is connected directly to national databases like NIN, FRSC to verify the identities of domestic workers

Simplify your hiring process for domestic workers

Be confident knowing that you are not bringing criminals into your home or endangering your loved ones. Sign up for a VerifyMe account today.