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What Our Solutions Can Do For You
Increase Your Customer Base
By using our National Identification Number (NIN) by phone number solution to remotely onboard customers via USSD.
Get Faster Verifications
Our direct access to national databases like NIN, Bank Verification Number (BVN) and driver's licence (FRSC) ensures quick response times.
Be Secure
AI-powered facial recognition and liveness detection technology enable secure onboarding and e-commerce transactions.
Robust verification service
ID Verification
Our ID verification solution validates the Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN), Driver's License (FRSC), and Voter's Card using data from relevant and authoritative ID databases
Address Verification
Our address verification service is a hybrid solution, which leverages advanced technology and human implementation. It utilises roughly 20,000 agents, which are spread across every LGA in Nigeria
Real-time Fraud Verification
Our advanced technology allows us monitor suspicious transactions and behaviour continuously and our detection capabilities enable us prevent fraud and high-risk activities from occurring to our customers
Functional Use Cases
Customer Onboarding
We provide a smooth and secure user onboarding experience for your customers. Our Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution verifies that users are who they claim to be without compromising the integrity of your customer experience.
Biometric Authentication
With certified liveness detection, our technology safeguards against one of the most dangerous types of cyberattacks today; identity spoofing.
Employee Due Dilligence
Onboard customers with or without a smartphone. Connect to our phone verification API and use just a phone number to verify identities and perform Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks without an ID document or selfie.
How we help businesses grow
Identity Marketplace
Improve risk mitigation with our large database of identities. Our platform provides real-time access to address, criminal and payroll data.
Address Technology
Stay compliant and save on your overheads with cutting edge last-mile addressing technology with 4D GIS tracking capabilities.
Aggregated KYC
Gain the operational efficiencies of rapid aggregated Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions via a single API that integrates easily with your automated processes.
Take your business to a new level of growth
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