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Our solutions help landlords, estate managers and agencies screen tenants, keep properties safe and maximize rental income.
Why you should use VerifyMe
Smooth Process
We bridge gaps in workflows, optimize efficiencies through our integrated API and provide a range of tailored solutions that remove the hitches from everyday operations.
Total Transparency
We bring to light all the facts and hidden details. You get total transparency and a clear picture of who your residents or occupants are.
Unparalleled Protection
Our protection goes beyond industry standards. With a combination of our comprehensive data coverage, access to national databases and robust agent network, we provide safety beyond comparison
Robust verification service
ID Verification
A comprehensive verification service that allows you to identify, confirm, authenticate and aggregate identities through ID documents and biometrics.
Address Verification
A hybrid service that combines advanced technology and human expertise to deliver accurate and compliant verification of geographical information.
Financial Verification
An integrative service that provides you with all the financial information you need to verify accounts, evaluate credit scores, build credit reports and make objective qualifications.
Our capabilities
Resident and worker verification
Authenticate IDs in real-time, run background checks on estate workers, screen residents against fraud watchlists and more.
Resident and worker onboarding
Seamlessly onboard estate residents and workers. Enrol new workers into estate payroll systems, integrate residents into estate boards and more.
Estate administration support
Make day-to-day estate administration a breeze. Document individuals and entities, send push notifications to residents, log reported incidents and report suspicious behaviour.

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