Streamline your recruitment process

No matter the size of your business, our digital worker validation services brings efficiency and transparency to your hiring process.
How we can transform your talent management process
Consolidated Reporting
Our unique OneIdentity report gives you access to all the information you need on a job candidate, all in one place.
Unrivalled Coverage
We have the largest verification logistics engine and a one-of-its-kind address marketplace which enables fast and reliable authentications.
Full Audit Capabilities
You can review any verification at any time with our One Identity report, backed by liability insurance.
Robust verification service
ID Verification
Verify your candidate's identity with real-time identity verification service using our API linked to national databases. Save yourself time and money and ensure that only qualified candidates get hired.
Address Verification
Leverages advanced GIS technology and our strong agent network to determine a candidate's address. Our Processes are Anti-Money Laundering and CBN Tier 3 Compliant.
Guarantor Verification
Our 2-step authentication protocol protects you from fake guarantors by authenticating employees’ referees and ensuring they are the ones vouching for them.
What our HR solutions can do for you
Protect your company from bad hires
Reduce human capital risk by filtering out the best talents with our superior verification tool.
Robust suite of innovative services
In addition to traditional employee screening, we offer several advanced tools that help you ensure your hires are qualified, reliable and trustworthy
Improve worker accountability
Easily report workplace violations and misconduct to a nationwide database to protect your organisation and others.
Explore Use Cases
Employee Onboarding
Upgrade to a seamless, quicker and more consistent onboarding process with our verification tools and API
Guarantor Verification
Guarantor Verification
Our interactive guarantor verification system provides a secure two-step process which documents a guarantor’s relationship and validates the identity of a guarantor.
Employee Due Diligence
With our comprehensive digital background checks, you can be confident knowing fully well that your prospective and existing employees are trustworthy and qualified.

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